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Taiwan Film Festival Berlin is one of the largest Asian film festivals in Europe, which focuses on promoting Taiwanese films and fostering cultural exchanges between Taiwan and Germany. Organised by Impression Taiwan e.V. since its official establishment in Germany in 2017, the curation team has been working on this annual festival for six consecutive years. In the past five years, the festival has reinforced and refreshed the ideas of diversity in Taiwanese films for the audience in Germany.


This year, in response to the Ukraine war, reflections on various natural and man-made disasters, we would like to introduce the theme for 2023, Home, Wherever. Whether influenced by the waves of globalization or the wrath of natural and man-made disasters, human migration has become the new norm. As we all know, Germany is the second biggest immigration country in the world. The Ukraine war has brought vast numbers of refugees to Germany, and Berlin has taken the greatest numbers. As such impacts on society are apparent in people’s daily lives, the issue of home has been brought to the forefront of many people's minds. In the midst of departures and returns, the issue of "home" emerges, prompting us to ponder its meaning.

By presenting the rich tapestry of family dynamics and diverse narratives of family life across different cultures in Taiwan, we aspire to provide new possibilities and a sense of support for those in search of a place to call home.


The central theme of Taiwan Film Festival Berlin 2023, as represented by Home, Wherever delves into three sub-themes: Pursuit, Challenge, and Recall, each representing different stages and situations individuals may encounter throughout their lives. With the selected repertoire of 8 films, they endeavor to explore the intricate facets of family life and the multifaceted nature of the concept of home.



Laha Mebow|2022|111min|Color|Drama|Taiwan|Mandarin, Tayal, English
# Opening
# Berlin Premiere
# Family
Opening Ceremony
29.09.2023 | 17:00
Video Q/A Session with the Director & Lucky Draw
29.09.2023 | 19:25

In late September, the fog enshrouds a hill tribe. The smoke from the woodshed heralds the dawn of a day for Hayung's large three-generation Atayal family. Grandfather Hayung follows the Atayal tradition "GAGA" all his life, which is no longer appreciated by the younger generations. He's trying to teach his grandson Enoch GAGA. Hayung's land has been taken over by Mayor Toli's family, and his powerless family is angry. After the lost case, Hayung's eldest son, Pasang, hopes to improve her status by winning the mayoralty. Meanwhile, Pasang is not getting along with his daughter Ali, who recently returned from New Zealand. Following the sudden death of Grandfather Hayung this fall, a fog envelops the tribe that never lifts, as does the family's uncertain future.

Can they solve all the problems and find their GAGA spirit back?

  • 2023 Taipei Film Awards-Best Narrative Film, Best New Talent, Best Editing
  • 2022 Golden Horse Awards-Best Director, Best Supporting Actress
  • 2022 Singapore International Film Festival Asian Feature Film Competition-Best Director

Laha Mebow

Laha Mebow by Marie Claire Taiwan

Laha Mebow is the first indigenous female director in Taiwan and an Atayal. She graduated from the Department of RTF, Shih Hsin University. Her career spans over two decades, with her focusing on indigenous movies and documentaries. In recent years, she worked with people in Paris, shot music documentary Ça Fait Si Longtemps in the South Pacific regions and worked on a script with teams in New Zealand. Mebow’s second drama Lakah Laqi entered International New Talent Competition and Taipei Film Awards, the two important competitions, at Taipei Film Festival in 2016, and won Grand Prize, Best Narrative Feature, Best Director, Award for Editing and Best New Talent. It was also screened in nearly twenty film festivals. In 2016, Lakah Laqi participated in the competition of Best Foreign Language Film for the Academy Award on behalf of Taiwan. With Finding Sayun, Lakah Laqi and GAGA, Mebow completes her Atayal trilogy.

*Photo by Marie Claire Taiwan

Missing Johnny

HUANG Xi|2017|104min|Color|Drama|Taiwan|Mandarin, Taiwanese
# Pursuit
# Relationship
Online Q/A Session with the Director & Lucky Draw
30.09.2023 | 15:00
Expert Talk
30.09.2023 | 15:25

Hsu, a young woman who raises parrots in her apartment, keeps getting wrong phone calls for someone named Johnny. Lee, the autistic son of Hsu's landlady, seems to live in his own world. Feng is a shy handyman who feels disoriented whenever his beloved car breaks down. The lives of these three lonely individuals are drawn together when one of Hsu's parrots goes missing one day.

The interweaving of life brings chaos as well as beauty. This is a film that depicts the intricacies and precious moments of life in Taipei.

  • 2018 New York Asian Film Festival
  • 2017 Busan International Film Festival
  • 2017 Taipei Film Awards-Best Supporting Actor, Best New Talent, Best Screenplay, Award for Outstanding Artistic Contribution (Cinematography)


Born in 1975 in Taipei, Taiwan, HUANG Xi graduated from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts with a BFA degree. She worked with director HOU Hsiao-Hsien who encouraged her in screenwriting. She was involved in the makings of Goodbye South Goodbye, The Assassin, and House (released by Taiwan Public Television). Missing Johnny is her first feature film.


SHEN Ko-Shang|2018|86min|Color|Documentary|Taiwan|Mandarin
# Challenge
# Europe Premiere
# Family
# Marriage
# GenderEquality
Online Q/A Session with the Director & Lucky Draw
01.10.2023 | 12:35

Another provocative work from award-winning Taipei Film Festival director Shen Ko-Shang. He spent a total of seven years documenting the most personal and intimate conversations of eight couples from different professions and social classes. The film asks couples the fundamental questions that exist but are rarely discussed between husband and wife: Why did you decide to marry? What keeps the relationship going when passion wanes? How do you deal with problems in your partner's family? What changes occur when children come into play? How do they stand each other?

  • 2018 FIRST International Film Festival Competition
  • 2018 Visible Record Chinese Documentary Competition Section
  • 2010 CNEX Chinese Doc Forum Grand Prize

SHEN Ko-Shang

SHEN Ko-Shang is a director showing his talent in feature films, documentaries, experimental films and commercial advertising. His distinguished documentary works include Silent Delta, The Pigeon Game, Baseball Boys, Fading, Children From The Distant Planet, A Rolling Stone and Ways Into Love. His works had been nominated by several festivals including Visions du Réel and Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival and Taiwan International Documentary Festival.

The Sunny Side of the Street

LAU Kok-Rui|2022|111min|Color|Drama|Hong Kong, Malaysia|Cantonese, Urdu
# Challenge
# Germany Premiere
# Family
Online Q/A Session with the Director & Lucky Draw
01.10.2023 | 15:25
Expert Talk
01.10.2023 | 15:40

HASSAN is a Pakistani kid, who was born in Hong Kong and is still waiting for refugee status. His only dream is to move to the United States with his family, and the dream is shattered when his father is accidentally killed by a Hong Kong local in a car crash.

YAT was a refugee from mainland China to Hong Kong during the 1970s and now as a local taxi driver. He has a bad relationship with his policeman son. Yat doesn’t spend time to father his son, and the two have not properly communicated since Yat’s wife died.

Losing the guidance of a father, Hassan has no choice but to join a mafia organized by refugees. He gets into trouble during a crackdown by the police. However, the witness Yat gives his hand to Hassan. Yat not only assists Hassan to escape from arrest but also promises to help Hassan fleeing to Taiwan. Yat and Hassan build a special relationship during the journey. After breaking away from police's hunting, Hassan starts to build trust in Yat as a father figure...

  • 2022 Golden Horse Awards-Best New Director, Best Original Screenplay, Best Leading Actor

LAU Kok-Rui

LAU Kok-Rui is a Hong Kong-Based Malaysian writer-director. His short features, LET’S GET LOST (2017), HAVE A NICE DAY (2018), HOW HIGH THE MOON (2019) and ROOTLESS IN THE CITY (2019), were selected by various international film festivals. His debut feature length film THE SUNNY SIDE OF THE STREET, has received 6 nominations at the 59th Golden Horse Awards, and won Best New Director, Best Original Screenplay and Best Leading Actor.

Coo-Coo 043

CHAN Ching-Lin|2022|135min|Color|Drama|Taiwan|Mandarin, Taiwanese
# Challenge
# Europe Premiere
# Fantasy
# Family
Online Q/A Session with the Director & Lucky Draw
06.10.2023 | 19:25

The sound of wings reverberates through the air. In the murky half-light, race pigeon 043 has finally returned after seven years. 043 wasn’t the only one that went missing seven years ago; the other was their son, Shih, whose disappearance remains the irreparable wound in Pigeon Master Ching’s heart. The family’s barely-maintained peace is shattered by 043’s return, as Ching’s daughter, Lulu, brings a beaten-up boy named Tig back home. At first reluctant, Ching begins to see shades of Shih in Tig. After all, breeding pigeons with his son was his biggest wish. But wild pigeons can’t change their ways. Lulu leaves abruptly and never comes back. Ching’s wife, Ming, is also tempted to leave. She stealthily begins legal proceedings to declare Shih deceased. Thunder booms vaguely afar; a typhoon emerges on the horizon. Grandpa’s death is the last straw that breaks this family’s back. In the aftershock of the storm, what course should the wounded follow?

  • 2023 Taipei Film Awards-Best Supporting Actress, Best Sound Design
  • 2023 Taiwan Film Critics Society-Best Leading Actor
  • 2022 Golden Horse Awards-Best Narrative Feature, Prix FIPRESCI, Best Supporting Actor, Best New Performer

CHAN Ching-Lin

Born in 1980, CHAN Ching-Lin is a filmmaker who has been paying close attention to the poor and underprivileged in Taiwan with his works. His film, A Breath from the Bottom (2012), won him Best Director at 2013 Taipei Film Festival and was nominated for Best Short Film at Golden Horse Award and selected into Rotterdam International Film Festival. Director Set against the background of Taiwan's National Highways, his first feature, The Island that All Flow By (2016), which exquisitely described men’s struggle under capitalism, was nominated for Best New Director at both Golden Horse Awards and Xining FIRST International Film Festival.

The Silent Teacher

CHEN Maso|2017|73min|Color|Documentary|Taiwan|Mandarin
# Recall
# LifeAndDeath
# Family
Online Q/A Session with the Director & Lucky Draw
07.10.2023 | 14:20

Listen to the inner voice of the one you love while she is traveling through the boundary between life and death. In Taiwan, medical students call the dead body used for medical dissection "the silent teacher". Due to the yearning hopeful connection of the dead in Asia, body donation is hardly acceptable. Mrs. Lin's body will be dissected the next year. Her family and the students struggle through this situation in different ways. What influence will the silent teacher bring? Even though her soul has already left, what is life and death?

It's a story about love and understanding.

  • 2018 Taiwan International Documentary Festival-Competition
  • 2017 Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival-Nomination


CHEN Maso began his career in community development. He believes that the visual medium is the most effective way to change the world and has now put his focus on the creation of these visual works.

On Happiness Road

SUNG Hsin-Yin|2017|109min|Color|Animation|Taiwan|Mandarin, Taiwanese, English
# Recall
# Family
# Fantasy
Online Q/A Session with the Director & Lucky Draw
08.10.2023 | 13:00

Chi earned her American dream after her studies in Taiwan. Following her grandmother’s death Chi returns to her family on Happiness Road, where she begins to feel nostalgic about her childhood and starts to contemplate the meaning of "life" and "home". What is happiness?

Will Chi find her own happiness?

  • 2018 Tokyo Anime Award Festival-Grand Prize
  • 2018 Golden Horse Festival-Best Animation
  • 2018 Seoul International Animation Film Festival-Grand Prize

SUNG Hsin-Yin

SUNG Hsin-Yin was born in Taipei. She studied Film Theory in Kyoto University, later graduated from Columbia College of Chicago with a Master’s Degree in Film. Before becoming a filmmaker, Hsin-Yin was a journalist, writer, store clerk at Kyoto karaoke and photographer. As a filmmaker, Hsin-Yin is interested in using different film genres to explore universal relationships among people. She has a particular interest in finding the pace of a film through editing, like composing a piece of music. Her live action shorts such as The Red Shoes, Single Waltz have been screened at numerous international film festivals. Her first directing animation short won The Best Animation Award at 2013 Taipei Film Festival._ On Happiness Road_ is her first animation feature, and she is also working on her first live action feature Love Is A Bitch.

Day Off

FU Tien-Yu|2023|106min|Color|Drama|Taiwan|Mandarin, Taiwanese
# Closing
# Germany Premiere
# Family
Online Q/A Session with the Director & Lucky Draw
08.10.2023 | 15:25
Closing Party
08.10.2023 | 15:45

For forty years A-Rui has been running a barbershop, a small place where she has seen happiness and sorrow, ebb and flow. Faced with all the troubles in her life, A-Rui fully commits to her work and defeat is never an option for her. However, her children never appreciate this commits and treat her profession with disdain. One day, A-Rui receives a phone call from the family of an old regular client who moved far away a long time ago. The family asks A-Rui if she would be willing to travel to cut the hair for the bedridden old man. Reminded of what her master taught her, "Always provide your best service," A-Rui decides to hang up the "day off" sign and closes her shop for one day. She drives her beat-up old car and embarks on a long journey to do something others think is not worthwhile.

  • 2023 Taipei Film Awards-Best Leading Actress, Best Supporting Actor
  • 2023 Osaka Asian Film Festival-Best Acting
  • 2023 Udine Far East Film Festival-Best Screenplay

FU Tien-Yu

Born in 1973, FU Tien-yu obtained a Master of Arts in Media Ecology & Film from the New York University. She began her career as a novelist and has won the most prestigious literature award in Taiwan. FU has written scripts for several Taiwanese directors and made her directorial feature debut Somewhere I Have Never Travelled in 2009. My Egg Boy, her second feature film, was selected by international film festivals in South Korea, Canada and Japan. Day Off is her third feature film.


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Jung Lin

Jung Lin

Born and raised in Taiwan, LIN moved to Germany in 2017. Since then, she has been studying and working while exploring her identity as a Taiwanese woman and her role in the world. Currently employed in the German public sector, she focuses on climate action and is also an environmental activist advocating for generational justice and anti-racism. Amidst all this, her passion for movies and storytelling remains strong.

Topic: Identities, memories and autonomy - Living as a Taiwanese in the German/Western world

Karen Cheung

Karen Cheung

Karen is born and raised in Hong Kong. With her cross-disciplinary experiences and focus on politics, she curated film programmes and produced plays related to feminism, refugee issues and racism.

Topic: (Be)longing to... - exploring Hong Kong's melancholy through The Sunny Side Of The Street

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Established in 2017 in Berlin, Germany, Impression Taiwan is an NGO with the aim of promoting Taiwanese films and culture. We achieve this through our annual event, the Taiwan Film Festival Berlin, as well as a wide range of artistic and cultural activities, and individual film screenings. Our dedicated volunteers, hailing from diverse backgrounds and regions of Taiwan, come together to showcase the rich tapestry of their homeland's culture in Berlin. Through the power of film, we strive to build a bridge between Taiwan and Germany, sharing the stories, diversity, and aesthetics of Taiwan with audiences worldwide. Our mission is to introduce the unique essence of Taiwanese cinema and culture to the vibrant city of Berlin and beyond.

All films are original version with English subtitles.

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